Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Muhammad Daniel Adam

Hi guys, im back.
Thanks for your support before this, i think you guys too kind to me.
I love you Muslim.

So lets start to my story here, "Muhammad Daniel Adam" was the name i choosed on 22nd of February 2013. 22/2/2013.
I've faced a lot of challenge when i want to embrace Islam, it hurts me too.
Sometimes i have to keep silence reading books about Islam, reading al-Quran, my teacher Ustaz Hafiz, taught me a lot of about Islam, thanks for him.

I've embrace to Islam. One thing that im always remember was about my parents . They were said "If you want to embrace Islam, we dont want to see you anymore" Till now, i've never meet them, how much i miss them.
But i keep with my vision, i want to live in a happy life, which is Islam is the way.
I think im on the right track now, Islam taught me a lot of about LIFE.

Ustaz's said "Adam, jangan jadi sombong dengan orang, orang yang sombong kelak akan dihina dan balasan api neraka kepada mereka".
Okay i've learn that, so i will be open minded, i want to be your friends guys, guide me to the right way :')

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I Love Islam // Arwah Abang

Assalammualaikum muslims .
Today , i want to post about what had happened yesterday. So, i have tweet that i want to embrace Islam (peluk Islam) in twitter. Too many muslims are supported me, thank you for them. Here are tweets that muslims are friendly, kind-hearted, supportive . Thanks guys :')

But I have story to tell to you guys. As you know, my family is a christian believer. We live just like the others but our life is concentrated to the religious. I have asked my father yesterday, at 12.00 am.

"Dad, can i ask something ?" 
"Sure you can".
"Can i embracing Islam ? i mean convert/switch to Islam religion ?"
"Why you say that ? You know, your late grandfother is a "father" in church before ?! Dont make a sins"
"Yeah i know that, but ISLAM is the true , beautiful religion Dad"
"What are you talking about ? Dont be a nonsense here! ISLAM ? What's that ?!" *angry*
"Its okay then, we'll talk later dad . Im tired to argue, Goodnight."

About 1.10 am, im still laying on the bed. Thinking about my future, how can i convert to Islam. Suddenly, my phone rang (berbunyi). It was a text message from my brother's college principal. Before that i want to tell a little about my brother. His name is Eddy Dylan, 22 y/o, study at  University of Bradford. His principal sent a text...

"Dear Andrew (my name), i want to tell about Eddy. But before that, you have to stay calm. Eddy was rush (menimpa) in accident at 12.43 am. He has been involved in an accident between a car and lorry. At first, he was hangout with his friends to go to restaurant. On the way to the destination, his friend who is driving a car, was drunk so that he cant handle the car and hitted the lorry. Eddy and his friend were died. So, that was the incident. I hope that you're strong enought to face this. Tell your mom and dad gently. You can invite Eddy's grave tomorrow, i will manage the burial. Okay, goodnight."

As i read the message, i dont know what im going to do. My mom and dad would sad after hear this story.
So i slept on 2.05 am. I plan to tell about Abang to mom and dad in the next morning. I woke up on 4.00 am. My mom and dad is ready to go to farm. But before they left, i told them about Abang.

"Mom , Dad , I want to tell something!"
"What's that Andrew?"
"Hm but both of you have to promise that you'll let me to embrace Islam".
"You tell that story to us first"
"Okay. Yesterday, i've got a message from Eddy's College Principal"
"So, what he says?"
"He said that Abang was died. Abang was involved in the accident."

*My mom and dad speechless and cry*

"Enough that. We will visit his grave tomorrow. You stay at home. Let mom and dad go there"
"But mom ..."

*My mom and dad left the house"

I think that they were not allowed me to embrace Islam (peluk Islam). As son, i dont want to be "anak derhaka" as Islam said "Jika airmata ibu kamu telah jatuh ke bumi disebabkan kamu yang tidak mendengar nasihat/arahan dan begitu derhaka, ketahuilah bahawa kamu telah selangkah ke Neraka". So i take that as note. I dont want "derhaka" to my mom even my dad too.

In Syaa Allah, one day i will be a Muslim as you guys support and guide me :')
May Allah give my parents "hidayah" isnt it ? :')
Thanks for reading, i love you muslims .